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How to squeeze more space out of your phone

How to squeeze more space out of your phone
It is understandable how frustrating it could get to see your phone running out of storage. The biggest problem in smartphones and one of the biggest challenges in mobile appdevelopment companies Dallas, especially the ones with android, is the ever-expanding size of mobile apps. With each update, apps cover a little more space, which means you run out of little more of the same. For a layman, the most they can do is get an SD card to store media and miscellaneous files, which unfortunately doesn’t help in case of smartphones as iPhone doesn’t come with an SD card at all, and Android revoked moving app data to SD card, since its KitKat version. So does that mean you are stuck in a situation where either you compromise by not installing new apps or change the phone itself? Well, not completely. There are some fixes you can try to squeeze more space out of your internal storage, and trust us, they work like a charm. So, exclusively for those running out of internal storage already, here are some fixes:
Use SD card as Internal Storage
Although Google pulled back the rights to move apps to SD card, it seems it did that for the greater good. With the launch of Android Lollipop, Google introduced a new feature using which you can permanently merge your SD card storage with the internal storage. To do that, simply go to Settings > Storage > SD Card > Tap on Vertical Ellipsis menu on top right corner > Storage Settings > Format as Internal. There you go; it is as simple as that. This feature is especially useful for phone with low storage capacity such as 8 GB or 16 GB, as using an SD card, you can significantly increase your internal storage by 2X, 3X or even more depending upon how much external storage your phone allows.
Note: Merging your SD card with the internal storage is an irreversible process and will render your SD card unusable on any other device. Also, the merger formats your memory, during which you lose your files. Needless to mention, if you have some important files in your SD card, and are planning to merge it with the internal storage, now is a good time to create a backup.

Cloud Storage
In case your phone doesn’t have a memory card because you thought your internal storage is big enough, because you bought that high-end phone; you must have already snapped out of the illusion as you are here, reading this article. Another case could be that you have a phone that doesn’t support SD card. The good news is, you can fix the storage problem in both the cases, with the help of cloud storage. If you have subscribed to a Wi-Fi broadband service, you don’t have to face shortage of internal storage at all. Mobile app development companies San Francisco like Google, Microsoft and many more, provide cloud storage of a sizeable amount via mobile apps, where you store all your important files in any format, by simply uploading them to the cloud server through your account. At present, there are applications like Google Drive, Box, and Amazon Drive etc. that offer up to 15 GBs of free storage. Google Photos, which is linked to Google Drive, directly uploads your photos with the backup feature, and cherry on top, its ArtificialIntelligence backed software arranges your app based on time of creation, faces recognized, size etc. However, there are paid cloud storage providers as well, such as BT Cloud, which offers 500 GBs of free storage, and above that charge a nominal fee for the same.

Clear the Cache
Sometimes you have to take things in your own hands. Although the process of cleaning the cache manually is a pretty simple process, there are people who are not aware of it, and consequently, are devoid of a lot of storage they could have enjoyed easily and instantly. So if you are one of those people, no worries, here is how you do it:
Go to Settings > Storage > Internal Storage > Scroll all the way down to Cached data. Tap on cached data and select OK to let those temporary files fly away. Make cleaning your cache, a regular affair to always keep your phone having some space.

Space Cleaner Apps
Space cleaner apps mainly do two things for you: first, they clear the cached data with your permission granted via a simple tap. Second, they dig your device’s internal storage to show up with files that are either duplicate or have been lying dormant for a long time, which basically implies they are there for nothing. All you have to do is let a cleaning app scan your phone to clean your cache and find files that are good for nothing. Once the scan is complete, carefully choose the files that matter to you and let go of the rest. Some of the best application developmentcompanies Washington DC like Clean Master, Google Files Go and some more, build apps that are best suited for cleaning your internal storage. So try them maybe?

With the tips & tricks we have mentioned above, you can definitely make storage in your phone, and enjoy the freedom to download your favourite apps. However, unfortunately, your smartphone would still hit a dead end at some point; after all, it isn’t unlimited, right?



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