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How Mobile Apps increase Efficiency for Industries

app development
Smartphones have changed the way most of the industries perform operations, to a much simplified way, and as a result, we see most of the industries routing for smartphone integration in their processes. But what is it that makes smartphones smart? It’s the mobile applications that do. The good thing about programming is that mobile app development companies Washington DC can leverage it to create solutions for any purpose, and industries are no different.

So what are the benefits of mobile apps with respect to industries? Let’s find out:

Supply Chain Management, Control and Tracking:

Supply chain management is like the circulation system of a business. A stop in the flow equals a stop in the business, and hence, the profits. Large industries can hire big client software for supply chain, but small industries cannot do that due to high prices. To begin with, small companies can use numerous supply chain management apps available for phones. The recent rise of AI technologies is another addition to usability of mobile apps in SCM. Mobile apps instilled with smart AI technologies can detect a slowdown in the SCM and can report to the user almost immediately. Also, real-time tracking has also been made possible by apps like Google that are already being used by biggest players in logistics.

Human Resource Management:

Keeping track records of employees used to be one of the most perplexing aspects of HR management, until mobile apps happened. As of now, many apps offer mobile app solution for HR management that offers functions like leave applications, salary estimation, workflow designs and much more. Also, few of the apps like Employee Attendance, can help one maintain employee attendance.  

Managing asset performance:

Mobility ensures that assets will run at peak performance through faster response times, shorter maintenance, reduced downtime, and lower maintenance costs. Also, with ArtificialIntelligence - integrated mobile apps, industries can spot the errors and inefficiencies in their processes, and thrive to improve.

Paperless production:

Now-a-days, technology is improving fast with the help of secure mobile applications you can use to carry your data and also store production records. In terms of accessibility as well, mobile apps can avail you the exact piece of data you have been looking, much easily compared to the conventional record maintenance involving manual entry and piles of records which are impossible to shuffle through. Many mobile apps, instead of offering an absolute record building and viewing solution, allow the user to synchronize data records straight from desktop software like SAP and similar ones.


By utilization of mobile application technology in manufacturing, it is possible to improve production quality in real time. “According to PWC’s Annual Global CEO Survey, mobility is the top technology priority of industrial manufacturing CEOs.” Many mobile application developmentcompanies in USA are doing great for their business clients, and FuGenX is one of them. To get the best quality app solution for your business, reach us out at

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Do you think Instant Apps are more useful?

app development
Digital technology is on the rise, and more and more mobile app development companies are harnessing the benefits of this not-so-ephemeral situation. Mobile app development is now one of the longest standing trends in the digital market scenario, and the latest instalment in its series is Instant Apps. Instant apps are the best example of how technology is evolving to take lesser space, lesser effort, and most importantly, are becoming more and more user friendly. Without actually taking space on your phone, Instant Apps can provide you with the same great features that other app formats offer. Especially, for low-end devices, Instant Apps are a boon because they work on minimal power and work without actually being installed.

Some of the best features of Instant Apps are being listed here that prove why Instant Apps are the future of mobile apps:

Ease of Accessibility:

Instant Apps are more useful, and easy to access with Android apps allowing users to experience the app without actually downloading it. This means that the end user can have features of an app as quickly as they click on a link to open a mobile web page. This makes it one of the fastest ways of using a smartphone, which has always been the goal of mobile app developers.

Customer Retention:

Instant Apps are one of the best ways to test an app before launching the native or hybrid of it. Only when the users will the app compelling enough, they would go for the native version, which is sort of a more detailed version of the app. Also, Instant Apps eliminate the concept of retention rate, which is often crucial in the case of native apps. One can use instant apps and once they close it, the instant app is gone till the next time they would need it. And because people can use the app whenever they want, without actually installing it; they will keep coming back for the app, as opposed to thinking twice because of the performance and storage space aspects of the app.

Save storage space:

The USP of Instant Apps is quite apparent: the space it takes on your smartphone. One of the biggest issues with Android is that the apps installed on it keep expanding and take up much more storage than what their developers mention on the play store, who are certainly not concealing the truth. Instant Apps have tackled this nature of Android apps by remarkably reducing the space they take on your phone, most of which is only temporary cache. This means the app are on your internal storage only till they are being used. This feature is specifically useful for low-end and budget devices, as Google is already focusing on increasing performance in such phones.

User experience :

The best thing about Instant Apps is that they do not compromise on the functionality and provide the user with the same great experience they have with native or hybrid apps. However, in terms of visuals, Instant Apps do have an inferior finish for obvious reasons. But then the functionality, which is slightly different from native apps, has been reshaped and made complete in its own way.


Instant apps have a great scope in the coming years because of their unique characteristic of not using internal storage. But then the question that stays is that whether these apps would be able to keep with the pace of changing technology, as we have complex technologies like AI, Machine Learning, IoT coming up in a couple of years. And to see how Instant Apps would match up with these technologies would be interesting. 
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How mobile apps increase efficiency and reduce price for manufacturing industries

app development

Mobile apps helps to integrate their work flow and cut prices. With many moving parts and a prosperity of complicated process, the manufacturing companies they are enable to fit for mobile applications.  But despite the fact smart phones and tablets are everywhere in the workforce, the manufacturing companies is not fastest to organize mobile application technology to production. Although many more mobile app development companies also working with that, it will helps to integrate their production values.

Here I will explore few steps regarding manufacturers increase efficiency while reducing prices.
  • Supply management, control, and tracking
  • Employee visibility
  • GPS Tracking
  • Managing asset performance
  • Customer relationship management
  • Manage replace paper 

Supply management, control, and tracking:

Mobile apps helps to check easily supply level of production, manage orders of production , payment process, analyse daily activities , and also we see  any other important information which is related to operation managements, with help  of mobile application you made easy to everyone.

Employee visibility:

Visibility of employees is essential for every production industry, with the help of mobile application you can find accurate employees location who are near to the industry and you can grab easily in emergency’s cases. It is better option for company to manage production levels.

GPS Tracking:

GPS tracking app system helps to save time, money and fuel costs by enabling the visualization, optimization, and updating of routes, it would be helpful for employee and employers they are also find the company routes and cabs.

Managing asset performance

Mobility ensures that assets will run at peak performance through faster response times, shorter maintenance, reduced downtime, and lower maintenance costs. Reduction of performance.

Customer relationship management

Relation with customer is important aspect of production management, with the help of mobile application, you can watch the scales and demand, entire data which is related to production house and also customers improves responsiveness and sets the stage for a faster close.

Paperless production

Now a days technology is improving fast with the help of secure mobile application you can carry you data safety and also capture all production information.  Reduce the manual entry errors, with your mobile application.


By utilization of mobile application technology in manufacturing forum it is better to improve their production quality with real time. “According to PWC’s Annual Global CEO Survey, mobility is the top technology priority of industrial manufacturing CEOs” so many mobile application development companies in USA  they are doing best for their consumers with best features, if need any best feature application with quality basis then reach us

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How mobile app marketing helps to improve your business?

app marketing

Did you know that almost 2.8 million applications in the Google Play Store and the app store had 2.2 million as of march 2017?

Well, you need to get attention from your users and target audiences with the help of a mobile app. A successful mobile app marketer follows the best guidelines to build a good reputation in the market. Moreover they concentrate on customer behaviour & initiatives. Consider these many mobile app development companies California that are using best marketing techniques for their apps:

Here I will describe few more steps on mobile app marketing:

v  Customer Preferences
v  Stand Out
v  Best Modelling of your App
v  Marketing Models
v  Focus on Customer Satisfaction
v  Marketing Strategy
v  Optimization

v  Customer Preferences:
One of the crucial step is to give attention to your targeted audiences so you can find different kinds of ways to attract customer, and find closely the unique behavioural patterns.
For example - youngsters could easily understand latest technologies, like Android, Blackberry, iPhone, but business people and professionals would want apps with more security.
You can use one of the accessible ways to drive in some traffic and study what they need. In order to deliver the best services, customer preference is an important factor to be considered.

v    Differ from your competitor :
In this digital era, your mobile application should be unique and shall maintain features that stand out, compared to your competitors. Serving your customers with the same thing some other on the Play Store does, would be in vain.

v  Best Modelling
This is also one of the most important strategies to make your app successful. User experience is a part of it, which determines how well people connect with your idea. Your app’s model should be user-friendly and must have more than barely functional screens. Each and every screen shall make a smooth transition and present the user with a different content or function.

v  Marketing Models
§  In-app advertising
§  Paid model
§  Freemium model app

(a)   In app advertising :
If you can choose in-app advertising, you need to build your app free and earn money through ads only.

(b)   Paid model :
In case of a paid model, the user have to make a purchase to initiate the download and use the app. 

(c)    Freemium model app :
In case of freemium models, basic features are free. If the user wants to use all features of your app, they have to pay for the full version of application.

v  Choose right way to market Consumer satisfaction :
After developing your application, you need to choose good ways to market your product, like attractive design, target location and many other factors. Then, with the help of digital platform like social media.

v  Marketing Strategy:
At this point, you need to go for some marketing techniques. Now this is a big step. Here you can offer different deals, collect and process leads and select the right mobile app platforms for marketing your application.

v  Optimize your application :
With the help of digital marketing adviser you should promote your application in App Store and Play Store using keywords, titles, descriptions etc. Only if your app is visible, it would achieve the goals it has been designed for.

Most of the Mobile app development companies Washington DC do follow the mentioned guidelines. However, what separates one from the rest of the lot is how well they assimilate and implement the guidelines. And in this case, it all boils down to experience.

We at FuGenX excel at creating feasible mobility solutions that have best ROI and produce remarkable results in a shorter time period.

Reach us at
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Why Your Business Needs A Good Mobile Marketing Strategy?

In 2017, the number of people who adopted smartphone heavily increased from 2016. The number is projected to keep climbing in the coming years. Five out of every six people in the world have at least one mobile device—smartphone or tablet. In the US, the mobile adoption rate is 95%. It is nearly same in other countries. On other hand, all sorts of businesses are adopting mobile apps to enrich customer experience and stay ahead of the competition.
People spend more time on mobile devices. They use it to shop online, chat with friends, learn, and watch movies, etc. So there is an increased demand for mobile application development companies and mobile apps.
Business owners looking to build new customer segment reach customers through mobile advertisement. If customers are unable to find the business they are looking for, such businesses will go out of the presence.
Businesses should take advantage of mobile marketing to reach out customers where they are:
Here are five reasons why:

People spend time on mobile devices:
In an average, a US mobile user spends around 4 hours on mobile devices. 90% of people own some kind of mobile devices. In fact, mobile devices can do almost all they need. Since people spend ample of time on a mobile device, businesses should make use of mobile ads. Invest in their love for the mobile device and use it to grow your business.

People are shopping on mobile devices:
People are busy, so there is no time for them to go shopping. So as a business owner, you should invest in mobile marketing to give people the option of buying online. When you have a good mobile marketing strategy that provides you, you can easily increase sales.

 A mobile-friendly business is a prosperous business:
You should have a mobile-based customer engagement strategy to promote your business to a targeted audience. In fact, a mobile-friendly business is a prosperous business.

Mobile marketing reaches more people:
You do not have to worry to get your message out to your potential audience when you have a good mobile marketing strategy. Mobile devices are popular across all demographics. Whether your target audience is male or female, youth or aged people, or any other demographic you want to target mobile marketing is the most efficient way to reach out them.

To have edge over competition:
You will go with the desires of your customers when you have a mobile application. When you have a mobile application, it is easy to execute your mobile marketing strategy, with the understanding of user behavior pattern.

Have a plan to develop the mobile app for your business?
If yes, FuGenX Technologies is here to help you. FuGenX Technologies is one of the truly business-friendly best android app development companies Washington DC. We’ve developed many award-winning apps for mobile platforms with trending features. We are also one of the emerging iOS app development companies Dallas.
Reach FuGenX at

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Top Trends in Mobile App Development to Look For In 2018

Mobile app development is undoubtedly dominating the technology space over the last 10 years. The year 2018 is also anticipated to be promising from the perspective of mobile apps development and 2018 is set to be another gorgeous year.

 “According to a source, by 2020 there will be over 6.1 billion smartphone users surpassing the fixed line subscriptions.”

These changes in mobile app development are surely going to happen. Here we will briefly review the latest mobile app development trends expected in 2018.

1.    Artificial Intelligence (AI) / Machine Learning in mobile app development:
Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning are among the hottest topics at the moment. In fact, AI has grown significantly in the last two years. Years 2016 and 2017 have brought some interesting AI trends, such as language learning and reinforcement learning. These are our AI predictions for 2018.

“According to IDC, the AI market will grow to more than $47 billion in 2020”.

Some giant corporations are paying a lot of attention to machine learning and artificial intelligence. This encourages industries like retail, business, education, finance, law, finance, health, and banking heavily adopt machine learning apps in the coming years.
Subsequently, AI will be integrated more into our lives and continue to revolutionize our world.

2. Virtual reality (VR), Augmented reality (AR):
AR and VR are already revolutionary technologies in gaming and entertainment sector today.
VR devices such as Samsung Gear VR, Google Cardboard, and Oculus Rift are becoming increasingly popular.
AR games such as like Pokemon Go, iOnRoad, Sky Siege and myNav are also increasingly addictive.
They are being used throughout the industry and started to dominate the market. But it’s not just about games and entertainment anymore. In 2018, we are expected to see VR and AR apps in the retail industry as well. Today all major marketing solutions and mobile applications development USA are making use of AR to be better.

3. Internet of Things (IoT) and Wearable Apps are the New Rage:
2018 could be a big year for IoT and wearable apps. These apps are among the most fascinating mobile app development trends.
“According to International Data Corporation (IDC),  the market for wearable devices is going to experience a composite annual growth rate of 20.3 %, leading to 213.6 million units shipped in 2020”.

4. Mobile App Security and App with Data Science & Big Data
In the coming year, tech companies will make efforts to develop a safe environment for their mobile applications.
In 2018, the focus is more on the core data capabilities of companies and that is by improving the functionality of big data applications. Tracking the use of a device can be done efficiently using big data analysis.

5. Other important mobile application development trends for 2018:
1. Enterprise and micro apps will keep on advancing
2. M-Commerce is becoming extremely popular
3. Location-based applications are on the growth
4. Cloud-driven mobile applications are on the rise
5. AMP is redefining the Web App Landscape.

To emerge in 2018, these trends offer new opportunities for entrepreneurs and consumers with an amazing mobile application experience. FuGenx    Technologies is an experienced IT partner having its footprints in the Mobile App Development.
FuGenX is among the top mobile app companies New York
FuGenX is specialized in Mobile Application, Game, Web development, AI, Machine Learning, Automation, and Big Data Analytics.

Reach FuGenX at
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Top Designing Tips to Improve Mobile App Engagement

You always expect your app to be attractive and engaging than your competitors. Around 30% of users uninstall the app after the first use if the app is not engaging.
UI and UX are the crucial components that can make or break any app. You should use the formula: facility+ stylish = perfection to gain users’ attention. Because they have a major role in creating a compelling user experience.
Let’s see how mobile app engagement can be achieved by creating a compelling design.
1        1. Flow 1/5th rule?
The mobile app has less screen size, so that has a short attention span. Keep all the key features in the bottom down as that is the area people first see on the app.
2. Be wise and personalize:
Users have different tastes, but you can’t create an app for everybody’s taste. So mobile app development companies who develop app need to review the tastes of the users and should create a design that a majority of people prefer.
3. Appropriate Font is important:
The font has had a big impact on the UI.
Getting people to read and understand what the app is and engage with is not as simple as one might think. There are many factors to consider; Font type, Font size, Font color, background color... etc.
A Font does everything from representing the brand to increase legibility.

4. Pay focus to tiny details as well
Teeny-weeny details can create a huge impact. Menus and icon can be made attention-grabbing by adding special animation.
5.  Limit to fit:
Any application with many features are good but that is difficult to use.
If users want more services, they can be separated into categories and subsections. This kind of design gives a smooth and attractive look.

Need help to design a mobile app?
Reach FuGenX Technologies. FuGenX Technologies is an award-winning mobile app design and top mobile app development companies Chicago 

Reach FuGenX at

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Top Social Media Analytics Tools for Your Marketing Success

To increase traffic to the website, a good analytics tool like Google Analytics is must. Choosing analytics tool depends on the type of analytics you are required to do. Many tech savvy companies use SAP Analytics solution to get done different analytics needs in enterprise environment. In fact, analytics tools are mainly helpful for identifying the mistakes and learn from the mistakes.

Top Social Media Analytics Tools for Your Marketing Success

Investing in more business initiatives without adopting analytics may push you into failure. Expecting marketing success without an idea of Analytics and without understanding changing customers’ interest may lead to the failure of new initiatives. 

Here are ideas on analytics of top social media marketing tools:


After registering to Twitter Analytics (, make sure you will use the right strategy to engage customers. If you plan accordingly and do analytics with the matching ideas of the customer, then you can easily increase followers’ size, interactions, the total number of tweets and favourites.


Pinterest Analytics ( is a perfect tool to generate more traffic to any kind of B2C business. Pinterest Analytics helps to know with which content of the website users are engaged with and also help to know users’ engagement with pins. If you are newbie to Pinterest, it is difficult to find the intended traffic in the beginning, but you can achieve it over the time. You can also analyse repins and the clicks using Pinterest Analytics.

FaceBook Page Insights

The Facebook Page Insight helps track users interaction with the page. Facebook Page Insight is used to analyze daily active users and know what time is best to post. Marketers can also check the number of likes and shares on a particular post to also determine the success of the post.

If you want to engage your customers with your Facebook page and need to improve the effectiveness of your posts, you are suggested to use FaceBook Page Insights.

FanPage Karma

There are many analytics tools available to monitor Facebook FanPage apart from FaceBook Page Insights, where FanPage Karma is one of them. You can have in-depth analysis of your Facebook page using FanPage Karma. The tool is helpful to perform analysis of your many Facebook pages and also helps compare it with your competitors. FanPage Karma helps analyze the key aspects of Fan Page with easy to find performance indicators.

To effectively engage your customers, use only best analytics tools. Now a days, big data analytics is becoming a more effective way to process and analyze data and use it to improve customer engagement.

Need Help to build Big Data Analytics Solution or Mobile App?

Reach FuGenX Technologies. FuGenX is an award-winning technology services company, specialized in mobile app development, Big Data Analytics and SAP solutions.
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Does Customer Feedback Help Improve Business Growth?

Importance of customer feedback for your business

Customer feedback is a marketing term, which defines customers’ opinion about products or services.

Marketers leverage customer feedback to enhance customer experience and increase sales. Some leading mobile apps development companies in California are largely using customer feedback to improve their services.

The following six points will tell you why customer feedback is important to your business.

1. Helps to know customer taste and satisfaction

Knowing the customers’ taste will help you check whether the product has met customer satisfaction or not. Customer feedback can help you create better products and you can easily know customers’ taste with them.

Customer can be collected through many ways like sending email, push notification or using mobile app rating. Some mobile app development companies are helping their customers get customer feedback through well integrated rating feature.

2. Build better products or improve existing products

Based on the customers’ needs and satisfaction with your existing products, you can improve your products. On the other hand, before you create a new product, you need to know the taste and feedback of customers with your existing products (preceding products).

Innovative companies make a deep research on the customer’s product usage pattern and build products accordingly to meet their choice of selection.

Companies that build products on the feedback of customers are having a strong competitive advantage over other players in the field.

3. Actionable insight to create better customer experience

Mobile applications or trending technologies like Data Analytics help businesses turn feedback into insights. This well helps in the environment where growing up customers data generated by regular customers is difficult to maintain. With the insight into customers’ data, you can offer the best deals on products and services in order to bring back the customers.

You should try to directly interact with your customers and know their experience with the products. Having aware of customers’ taste will help you gain their attention towards your products.

4. Customer retention

Customer feedback plays a vital role in determining customers’ behavior, which further helps to build strategies to retain customers.

If your service is good and the customer is happy with it, then it is easy to build better relationship. By regularly collecting customer feedback, you can improve your products while improving customer experience. You should also try to get feedback from unhappy customers who intend to shop somewhere. 

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5. Understand customer behavior

While taking a business decision, you can’t take decision on random input. With the understandable feedback, you can easily know what customer thinks about the product and service that you provide. Customer feedback can drive your business in a safe path and increase profits.

6. Helps to identify happy customer

A customer who is the best believer in your business can contribute to the best changes your marketing effort can bring. They show real interest in your products and services. But how to find believed customer?

Through customer feedback, you can easily collect the opinions of loyal customers who are satisfied with the deals. Find that customer and develop a good business relation from where you can spread the business to different corners.

Customer feedback helps businesses drive improved products and services. Use feedback tools and make your customers engage for a long time period.
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5 Top Benefits of Narrowing Your Blog Niche

When starting a business blog, you try to write on a variety of topics to reach more audience, which is not a bad idea. Instead of many verticals, if you choose a single vertical that influences you more, you can have many tangible benefits. Let me tell how?

Benefits of Narrowing Your Blog Niche

It’s Easier to Write

To write a blog on a variety of topics that you’re not well familiar with, you need to make active researches. Sometimes, it would be hassle. Having a particular niche in mind makes it easier for you to focus and to accumulate information.

Before you start writing a blog, select the category in which you are well-versed. So you can maintain a correct order flow in the blog, which helps users understand the stuff well. Some blog writers try to refer many blogs to gather the content, which sometime lead them in the wrong direction, which needs to be avoided.

Follow Your Natural Flow

The topic that you choose should be written in the order flow and help your users find the correct information and make them engaged with your blog. If users find a helpful information in your blog, then they will show interest to go into other blog articles, which makes them keep visiting your blog to gather knowledge, which will help you to increase more loyal readers.

Never try to use fancy or more complicated words, which may spoil their experience. Always be specific with your blog niche, which will make your blog famous.

Choosing related keywords

Search Engine Optimization has become an integral part of blog promotion where one can easily generate traffic and engage the users. You should be top Google’s rankings. Your content’s focus should be on both search engines and engaging readers.

To improve the ranking of your blog in search results, you should have a keyword research and add the related keywords to your content, which can help you rank well.

Targeting users on geography

There will be less profit or gain if you get traffic from non-targeted regions. So it is not good for both you and the blog readers, which may cause to reduce the traffic. So add keywords based on geography that helps to reach users in the targeted location.

Descriptive, lengthy content

The more content you add, the better result you will get from your monetization effort. You need to add easy to understand, eye catching, and engaging content. After posting the content, you can increase the traffic through social networking sites where you can find mass audience. Some mobile apps development companies in USA have used the same techniques to promote their blogs and apps. They mainly preferred Facebook, Google+, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Avoid to use author bio for every blog

You no need to include author bio in every blog post, which is known as an old blogging tactic. Instead in the same place, place some related posts links.
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Every Start-up should Know These 4 Small Business Marketing Techniques

Marketing techniques are not same for all sorts of businesses, so here I am discussing about some marketing techniques that are specific to small businesses.

If one creates a successful marketing strategy, then it should be best to grow his business. Sometime researches are requisite for marketers to understand the needs of the users. Today all sorts of businesses, including every small scale mobile app development company in California are leveraging different marketing channels to build business.

Mobile apps development companies New Jersey

Below are some important marketing extensions that every small business owner should know.

4 Workable Marketing Techniques for Small Businesses
Well-built website
The most effective marketing tool for a small business is website. If a businessman neglects or avoids having a website in this juggernaut business world, then its business flow curve will point down. For one who has a business, it is mandatory to have a website for his business’s growth.

“About Us” and “Contact Us” page are a prime requisite for any website to have along with service or products pages. The above two sections are more important to engage the visitors and help them to make an enquiry and get solution. If essential, the sections should also be added in the footer.

Social media marketing
Website is like a landing page, where leads from all sources come together. Social media appearance increase demand for your business. Due to the increased usage of mobile phones, a large group of users spend hours on social media where it is good opportunity for small businesses to promote and spread brand values of their business globally.

Based on the business budget, if the owner wants to generate leads from social media marketing, he can use social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn depending on the targeted audience. Before placing ads on social media sites, it is better to understand current ad placement cost.

Engaging blog
Through blogs, businesses can easily reach the product and services to the public. It’s a better way to tell about their special deals in a descriptive manner. Blog is a workable marketing strategy to exhibit the value of business.

Small business owners mayn’t have enough time to spend on writing a blog, but they can hand over it to freelancing writers, so they can complete the task on time by writing engaging content.

Content marketing
“Content marketing” has been profitable for both small and big companies. But experts can do it better. They can use content different marketing channels and engage customers and increase awareness. Today, all sorts of businesses, including mobile app development companies in USA are giving preference for content marketing to promote their business online.
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Secure Apps that keep Your Mobile Safe

Today all sorts of people are using smartphones for banking transactions, shopping and online payment, but most of them neglect security issues. This makes them face vulnerability to their personal data. These possible damages you may face when you deposit checks on your smartphone, pay for something on a public Wi-Fi network, and give access to your personal info for the downloaded apps. But we can’t tell you should avoid this, in one or another way, you need to give access.
App development company Washington
Today most users are not much worried about apps that get access to their personal data while downloading it. This can be problematic for them as some of these are ad supportive. There is a chance that ad networks can gather whatever info they want and use it for unethical activities. So you need to have mobile apps to avoid these possible damages. Let’s see some top apps in the market that help you be safe from these possible security threats.

1. Clueful

Clueful is an app-scanning service provided by Bitdefender. This app lets you have a complete look at the way your apps use your privacy. It allows users to see any malware or other dangerous software is built into the apps. It also ranks apps based on their access to personal info. Users can trust this app to make apps malware-free.

Platform: Android and iOS

Cost: Free

2. NowSecure Mobile

As analyst and security expert at PC Magazine, Max Eddy said some phones get affected by malicious software that creates a chance for another person to remotely control the phones. This allows hackers to listen to your phone calls or look into your data. To be prevented from such activities, Eddy suggests NowSecure Mobile app. This app goes through your phone's operating system, network, and other apps, so it can prevent security vulnerabilities. Depending on the vulnerabilities your phone got affected by, the app generates a security score.

Platform: Android and iOS

Cost: Free

3. Skycure

Today being attacked through public Wi-Fi has also become a major threat for mobile security. As security experts said, public Wi-Fi often invites vulnerabilities. When you connect to public Wi-Fi, hackers can get access to your data by replicating this network in another location. Skycure is the best app in the market which efficiently combats Wi-Fi network attacks. The app scans Wi-Fi networks to check these are vulnerable or not. The app also stores the locations of Wi-Fi networks.

4. Find My Phone (for iOS), and Android Device Manager ​(for Android)

Not just being prevented from online attacks is sufficient enough to avoid security breaches, rather you also need to seriously look into offline attacks. If you lose the device, there is an optimum chance that your data will be hijacked. iPhones are powered with Find My iPhone app, which tracks the location of the missed phone. The app allows users to sign into iCloud and switch on ‘Lost Mode’. This makes the device locked and displays your given contact number on the screen, so who wants to reach the device to the owner can easily do this. This app also have the facility to remotely erase all the data on the device.

For Android users, Android Device Manager app offers the same features and functionalities.

Platform: iOS and Android

Cost: Free


Security issues are no longer a headache just for websites and enterprises, today it is impacting on an every individual. Let yourself choose the best apps you feel you need from the above list and be preventive against the attacks.

To overcome with security issues, many top mobile app development companies in USA and Middle East countries are planning to have a mobile apps that acts as the best firewall protector for their data.

Are you planning to have one such security app? 

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Wednesday, January 18, 2017

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Want to know how Google Allo used

Does Google Allo have better features than WhatsApp? May be. But some tricks which are available in Google Allo are not available in other messaging apps. And its search is linked with Google search engine and the search results are straightforward.

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If you need tips to better use Google Allow, below are given some top tips.

Update your profile

Google Allo provides you the best messaging features. After installing Google Allo, you need to set the user name and image by editing the profile. You can easily change the user name and image of the profile by tapping the right corner button.

Search using Keywords
The search bar at the top of the mobile application helps you get quicker information that is appropriate to your keyword search. Allo search bar is only applicable to Android version.

Set your own notification sounds
If you want to get specific alert message from the specific user in Google Allo, you can do it by using custom notification sounds. To set a custom notification sound for a contact, first you need to open the contact chat window and tap on the specific user where you can find a profile details along with notification sound. Tap on the notification sounds and set the easy to recognise sound when the message is sent using Allo. The notification sound feature is available for Android version only.

Google Assistant
Google Assistant is the best information alert tool that is linked to Google accounts. If you want a quick detail from your personal info, regarding shopping offers, transaction details and many more, you can tap on Google Assistant and search as “what are my offers”, then the offers are revealed.

Google Assistant can add events to your Google Calendar, set up reminders and set your phone's alarm.

To set an event to calendar: Open Google Assistant chats and type “add to calendar”. The Assistant will ask to set the event name along with time and date.

To set an alarm: type “add alarm” where an option with timing is displayed. After choosing the specified time you can see the alarm set time just by typing “see alarm” which redirects to your phone’s alarm app.

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To set remainder: type “remainder” one can easily set a remainder by using simple language like “remind me to have early breakfast” and you can easily get details of other remainders.

If you want to avoid or disconnect with the email that is automatically connected with Google Allo, just tap the menu button and go to settings (Google account) where you can find listed account and then tap disconnect.

Play games
Google Allo provides a good opportunity to play games either by choosing single player or multiplayer. To start a game while having a chat with someone else, type “@Google” at Google Assistant and use the keyword “play games”. If you want to play your own choice of game, then type “play games” in the Google Assistant. There are number of games like quiz games, classic games and puzzle games.

Block Fake Holders
To avoid fake users, you have an option to block them. To block someone, you first need to find their name and hold the name till the menu appears, then choose a block option.

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